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This weekend marked a major milestone for the Forge team.   On Saturday the tower crane for the TL 361 project was driven thru the quiet streets of San Francisco and assembled on the job site. (see images)


"This is a real community effort accomplished thru the hands of many. The membrane of our community is porous and reaches out to include a cohort of contributors. We would like to thank the San Francisco Mayor's Office for their support, during a time of complete civic distraction, in the community effort to continue the delivery of needed housing. Thank you to Mayor London Breed her recognition, thru her team, of the importance of these projects to the City, and extending to members of the neighborhood, the government components, professional teams and beyond to our partners at Bridge Investment Group. We have so many to thank for their contributions. Today is symbolic of their commitment."


Forge would like to make a point of recognizing Centric General Contractors, who have worked to coordinate a very complex process requiring the coordinated efforts of multiple agencies and suppliers. Also we thank the subcontractors, city workers and staff who, under the cloud of COVID-19 shutdown, continue to work on our Essential Housing project. The raising of this tower is tribute to the commitment each is making to continue to solve problems the city faces in providing housing. "


           - Richard Hannum, AIA, LEED AP, Forge Founding Partner


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