The Forge Design Competition

Forge Development Partners, in association with the AFSF and the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts,  has sponsored a grassroots high school design competition to design the facades of its TL361 and TL145 projects in the Tenderloin.  Eleven submissions were completed by high-school students 9th thru 12th grade. It is our honor to recognize art and designs originating in the community in which our buildings live.

“We are proud to partner with Forge Development Partners and Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the
Arts to provide this project-based learning opportunity for these students. The Foundation seeks to enhance the awareness and appreciation of architecture and the design process in the local community and what
better way to do this than by involving the youth of our city to make a lasting contribution to their
community and city!”


 - Alan R. Sandler, Architectural Foundation of San Francisco Executive Director



  • Naomi Motomura, Senior Associate Gensler

  • Michael Lin, Design Director Gensler

  • Del Seymour, Code Tenderloin Founder

  • Glenn Katz, Stanford University Lecturer in Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering


  • Tara Siegel, Teacher and Director of Architecture + Design Program at Ruth Asawa SOTA



“In designing the façades for this development, we knew it was important to honor the surrounding community and what better way to do this than through this design challenge with some of the top art and design students in San Francisco?” noted Forge Founder and AFSF Board Director Richard Hannum. “We were just completely blown away by the response – the quality of the work is extraordinary! The selected designs speak to the community – they speak of hope, they speak of transition and they recognize the strength of community. It’s a very complete expression of what we’re all trying to accomplish with delivering multi-level housing to the community.”


 - Richard Hannum, CEO Forge Development Partners

Eva Neusbaum-Faust

Sofia Regenbogen