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We take a solutions oriented approach to building and managing our projects. All of our efforts aim to improve the user experience for our residents and their surrounding community. Our efforts are apparent not only in our innovative construction techniques, but also the concierge-like experience we provide to residents. We offer high-tech solutions that make daily life in our developments more pleasant for all of our residents, at a price point that offers the best value for the cost.



We offer many concierge-like features to residents at a discount, or free of charge. In addition, we have relationships with surrounding local businesses in order to offer our residents streamlined access to the best services available in their community. For example, some of the services and amenities we offer include laundry locker and valet, package delivery and pickup, hosted events by local companies and vendors, a grab-and-go station in the ground floor café for easy meal preparation in-unit, and relationships with local gyms. 

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We are looking to break into a market that has been previously untouched, in San Francisco at least, for decades. This market is housing for the workforce. We see this not only as a noble cause, to provide much needed housing to the workforce that is continually being squeezed out of American cities, but also a tremendous untapped market. 

Another key aspect of the Forge Solutions Model is the sustainability of our projects. Forge is committed to not only making our buildings and the construction process less impactful, but actually beneficial for the environment. This is made possible by our partner’s patented innovative construction process and our many strategic partnerships and innovative systems. Our goal is to make buildings that are net energy producers as opposed to consumers.

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