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Chief Sustainability Officer, ESG Director RLA,

Isis Spinola-Schwartz is a development executive with more than fifteen years
of experience in real estate development, land use planning, and project and
development management. Her experience includes the development of
commercial and residential projects, multi-family garden apartments,
university campus, and hotels. Her extensive Real Estate experience includes
operations and development management of more than sixty buildings in San
Francisco for Veritas Real Estate Investments, one of San Francisco’s largest
multi-family real estate development companies. More recently Isis worked
on conversions of existing housing stock into LIHTC residential units, adding
more than 600 dwelling units to the affordable housing stock in the San
Francisco Bay Area.

Isis specializes in the development of processes that ensure the seamless
implementation of real estate projects. Whether adding Additional Dwelling
Units to historic buildings in urban settings, or bringing together diverse
disciplines to implement complex urban infill residential and commercial
projects, Isis uses her extensive experience and business contacts to develop
and nurture great relationships that ensure seamless implementation from
design development to occupancy.

In addition to her experience in Real Estate, Isis is passionate about bringing
innovative and sustainable solutions to the urban environment. She worked
for the United Nations in the Sustainable Urban Planning offices in Vienna,
Austria and is a member of the Katerva Cities and Mobility Impact Panel,
(, which
helps evaluate and accelerate disruptive sustainable innovations from around
the world.

“I am excited about working for Forge Development Partners because the
company is developing state of the art solutions to today’s urban living. The
development of workforce housing that is sustainable and affordable is not
only critical, it should also become the norm in today’s world. I look forward to
working with this dynamic team and its partners to bring the projects currently
on the board and many others to San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles.

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