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Global Client Relations & EB-5 Director

Doug brings over 40 years of diverse experience to Access North America.  He began his career with Johnson & Johnson as a Technical Service Scientist.  Doug spent in total approximately 20 years in various Domestic and  International rolls. His Director of International Business Development positions took him to countries where his objective was to identify programs or projects that would generate $100MM in sales after 5 years of implementation.  His experience and success led him to further exploration in Asia, Africa, Middle East and the re-association with Cuba.


Doug also formed international companies manufacturing and distributing Health Care Products. He led major programs in Disaster Relief, Potable Water and Renewable Energy generation in Philippines, Caribbean, Africa and ,Southern USA.


The EB 5, Immigrant Investment Program provides an opportunity for his vast international experience and contacts  to assist families interested in immigrating to the United States and capable of investing $800k to$1MM.  This investment will be through in country  immigration agents.  ANA will support Forge financially in its current and future developments through investment of immigrant proceeds.

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