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Our construction methodology is less wasteful, more efficient, and allows for more accurate construction helps meet sustainability goals. 


Turk & Leavenworth will be constructed with an innovative patented system that delivers a high quality product in Type 1 construction at Type 5 costs. Relative to traditional buildings, the time to design and construct will be reduced, construction cost will be 10% less, energy and water use reduced by 50%, operating expenses lowered by 20%, and our investors and users will both benefit. . In addition, all of our buildings run on low voltage power, reducing our electrical consumption to less than half of a traditional building. The Forge development model utilizes alternative energy capturing methods that fuel both power and hot water production. Water is such an important issue so the projects also incorporate black and greywater recycling systems

Our development and construction team approach brings best of class capabilities to each phase of creating a progressive Workforce Solution. It is less wasteful, more efficient, and allows for more controlled construction contributing to our sustainability goals. . This environmentally conscious approach to development opens a lot of doors when it comes to financing, enabling access to alternative funding mechanisms not available to traditionally built buildings. When the target is Workforce Housing, we need to think beyond today's limitations and sustainability  becomes an accretive contributor to that success.

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