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Chief Investment Officer

Prior to his work with Forge, Chris served as a Partner of Rockwood Capital, a
privately held real estate investment and advisory firm managing more than
$8.3 billion of equity commitments from investors.  From 1999 through 2013,
Chris was responsible for acquisitions and asset management on the East
Coast, including sourcing transactions and negotiating joint venture
partnerships.  Chris was voted into the partnership of Rockwood in 2006 and
served on the Investment Committees of Funds V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX.  He
also served as member of the Research and Strategy Committee and of the
Management Committee.
Chris has an interest in the delivery of affordable housing in the urban core.
From 1992 to 1997, Chris served as the Director of various tax incentive
programs for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and
Development. The Inclusionary and 421(a) Housing Programs provided
increased density bonus and real estate tax exemptions for market rate
residential developments in exchange for the creation of affordable housing. 
The 421(g) Program, also known as the Lower Manhattan Residential
Conversion Program, provided real estate tax exemptions to incentivize
private sector developers to convert obsolete office buildings to residential
use; the program resulted in the conversion of over 5,000 units to residential use.
Chris remains an active voice in the LGBTQ community, serving on the
Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of StartOut, and previously on
the Board of GLAAD.  He also serves on the Investment Committee as Chief
Investment Officer for RealtyMogul, one of the leading real estate financial
technology firms. Chris received a Bachelor of Arts, Metropolitan Studies
from New York University in 1990 and a Masters of Business Administration
from Yale University in 1999. When he’s not working, Chris enjoys swimming,
indoor cycling and frequent family taco Tuesday’s with his husband, Victor,
and their daughters Coco and Kiki.

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