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Development Manager

Alexander brings to Forge a passion for design and construction, persistent attention to follow-through, and the experience of having served on the team since the inception of Forge in 2013, and through the entitlement of our multiple projects to date. Alexander comes from a family of designers and grew up surrounded by architectural plans, construction sites, and scale models. When he was young, he always found joy in helping his mom demolish and rebuild parts of their house. Now he is putting all of those learned skills to use as a development manager with Forge Land Company. Alexander is excited to build housing that pushes the envelope in terms of innovation, sustainability, and affordability. He has held positions as a salesman at a tech startup, received grants to do botanical research at the University of California, and even worked in a greenhouse. He holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  In his spare time, Alexander is an avid bicyclist, hiker, traveler, and general outdoorsman.  

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