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Our Buildings will be around for hundreds of years, so we are packing them with all the technology necessary to stand the test of time. 

Forge and Panasonic

TL361 in San Francisco and India & Beech in San Diego are the first steps in a partnership with Panasonic, with a goal to implement pre-fabricated micro-apartments in many locations.


Panasonic’s CityNOW Smart and Sustainable City and Building teams are providing consulting and master planning services to Forge and will help set the strategy for development services including technology (security, audio, digital signage, WiFi, fiber), energy (lighting, smart building controls, HVAC, solar, battery storage) and sustainability (including mobility).  These services include evaluation of the existing prototype in Seattle to help right size mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems and to propose alternate approaches if applicable.  Electrical will include analysis of low voltage options, such as DC, POE and hybrid AC/DC.  This initial scope also includes analysis for the San Diego project, to revise the prototype system concepts for that climate.  Also included in this scope is concept planning for the technology infrastructure (such as fiber/copper and WiFi) and evaluating potential building IOT platforms to integrate all the building systems. 


Benefits: TL 361 will have a materially more efficient energy system resulting in significant operational savings which provide additional new revenue to the project.


Forge has already been invited by Panasonic to install a Forge Solutions micro-unit demonstrating the Forge/Panasonic solution set in the forthcoming CityNow Innovation Showcase and Customer Experience Center located in Denver

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